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Head Teachers' Leadership Academy

Funded by The Scottish Government and The Hunter Foundation, Columba 1400 Head Teachers’ Leadership Academies are available to all Head Teachers and Deputy Head Teachers in Scotland and are accredited within Theme 3 of SCEL’S Excellence in Headship. Designed to connect Head Teachers and the school leadership team to their core values, they provide a platform for participants to make a real lasting difference as social leaders and to shape and lead educational change in Scotland.

Outcomes for Early Years and School Leaders

By the end of the HTLA Experience, Early Years and School Leaders have felt:

- Re-connected to, and re-invigorated in, the moral purpose that brought them in to the education service in the first place.

- Empowered to lead and deliver transformational change in the culture of their establishments, by developing a greater understanding of their leadership style and their ability to effect change.

- Re-committed to supporting opportunities for creativity, innovation and positive change for the benefit of all the children, young people, families and the communities they serve.

- Confident in their ability to create a self-sustaining community, built on teams with powerful bonds and a sense of momentum, while embracing change when needed.