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Parents/Communities Leadership Academy

Columba 1400 offer values-based leadership experiences for parents and carers in community settings and in partnership with schools and Local Authorities. The approach is strengths based, offering opportunities for parents to realise their own leadership qualities and abilities, focus on what matters to them, their children and their community. It also gives the opportunity to connect with other parents, share learning and take collective action. It is recognised that to significantly improve outcomes for children and young people most in need, early help and strengths based support enables families to flourish. This work allows parents the time and space to develop a growing awareness of self and the choices they have made and can make as the primary carer in their child’s life. Parents bring their personal values into focus enabling them to recognise who they are, what is important to them and where they are aiming to go in their lives.

Outcomes for Parents/Carers

- Parents have increased levels of confidence and agency in their own life and community.

- Parents have improved relationships with their children, other parents and others within the community.

- Parents have higher aspirations for themselves and for their children.

- Parents have improved mental and emotional well-being.

- Parents have greater engagement with their children’s school and/or local community.