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Young People's Leadership Academy

Young People’s Residential Leadership Academy

Columba 1400 Leadership Academies allow young people to discover their own values and how these can help them realise their true potential in education, work, life and community. Columba 1400 adopt a holistic approach to working with young people which also involves key adults in their lives who participate alongside them. Residential Leadership Academies take place over 6-9 months and involve a 6 day’ stay at Columba 1400’s Leadership Centre at Staffin on the Isle of Skye.


Young People’s Community Leadership Academy

Community Leadership Academies take place over several months and utilise the local environment for young people through outdoor and blended learning. This innovative approach to working with young people, allows delivery in a range of settings and venues, including indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as on a virtual platform. 


Young People’s Virtual Leadership Academy

Virtual Leadership Academies take place over several months and are delivered on an online platform. They involve a series of sessions which are delivered to the whole group, smaller ‘break-out’ groups, and other sessions can be conducted one-to-one if it is more appropriate because of the individual challenges the young people face. 


Primary 6/7 Transitions Leadership Academy

Transitions Leadership Academies for P6s and P7s recognise that the progression from primary to secondary school is a social, emotional and academic transition and are designed to build the young person’s capacity to move through this critical time with confidence, awareness and perseverance. Key primary and secondary staff are invited to join the Leadership Academy as well as parents and carers, so key adults in the young people’s lives can share knowledge and work in partnership to support the transition. 


S1 Leadership AcademyS1 Leadership Academies can involve the whole year group and can be delivered within the school or on an online platform. These Leadership Academies allow young people to explore their own values and learn about how they can show leadershipS1 pupils in their school community. This work can also be supported by existing Columban graduates who join sessions to speak more about what the Columban values mean to them and share thoughts about leadership with other young people. 


Outcomes for Young People

-Young people have higher aspirations and more motivated to discover their true potential in education, work, life and community.

-Young people have increased levels of confidence. 

-Young people have improved health and wellbeing through increased levels of self-esteem and resilience. 

-Young people have improved relationships with peers, families and key adults. 

-Young people have a greater sense of responsibility and develop their leadership skills.