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Columba 1400's fundamental belief is that all young people, regardless of their background, should have the opportunity to maximise their potential, the confidence to seize opportunities and the wisdom to realise the importance of giving back to society. For far too many young people, this is not happening.

The University of Glasgow's Training and Employment Research Unit undertook evaluation of Columba 1400's activities in 2015 and the subsequent report showed a significant change in young people's qualities and attributes following their participation in a Columba 1400 Leadership Academy, particularly amongst disadvantaged young people. This is an important finding as it is common for interventions to be less effective with more disadvantaged groups. The evaluation showed 90% of young people taking part in the survey rated their confidence as high or very high after completing Columba 1400 (vs 22% before) and 91% said that their aspirations for their life were high or very high after taking part (vs 39% before).